A professional fiber artist for over 20 years, Marci Blank has delighted (and
warmed!) many art patrons with her wearable designs.  First taught to knit by her
third grade teacher, Marci now expands the basics with other fiber techniques as
well as embellishments.  Today, the actual knitting is but a part of each piece.  
Marci's talent for blending colors of interesting yarns with her unique designs give
her creations their own essence.

Each of Marci's creations is an extension of individual choice and each piece
assumes its own identity during the creation process.  Every garment is unique
because of the interplay of colors, patterns and textures that evolve into the finished
product.  When worn, the fiber piece becomes an expression of the wearers' own

From conception to finished product, Marci is constantly working to find the right
blend of style and function that will appeal to the individuality in each of us.  Some
garments feature hand spun yarn, some are hand dyed.  All are created at the
Th'Red Head studio, one piece at a time.

Marci's work can be seen throughout the year at Kansas City area art fairs.  
Currently a member of the Association of Knitwear Designers, The Knitting Guild of
America, Kansas City Weaver's Guild, The Fiber Guild of Greater Kansas City, and
the Lawrence Art Guild, Marci has won many awards for her unique designs.
Marci Blank

Fiber Artist